Ryan McGinley's block party

» Ryan McGinley's block party

Ryan McGinley's block party

blog_gallery_goround.jpgThere was no way the opening of Ryan McGinley‘s show at Team gallery last week, “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” wasn’t going to be a major scene. A youthful, fashionably scruffy crowd of McGinley fans piled into the gallery to see his latest group of work, a series of black and white studio portraits of some 150 young men and women (nude, of course). The exhibition, which also includes four large-scale works in color, is up through April 17.

blog_teamopening_01.jpgblog_teamopening_02.jpgRyan McGinley

blog_teamopening_03.jpgblog_teamopening_10.jpgblog_teamopening_04.jpgblog_teamopening_05.jpgblog_teamopening_06.jpgblog_teamopening_07.jpgKunle Irak

blog_teamopening_08.jpgblog_teamopening_09.jpg Photographs by Christos Katsiaouni

See Ryan McGinley’s photos from the June 2007 issue of W, starring Kate Moss.