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    Eight essential oils, including jasmine, rose and iris, work to rebalance and re-energize complexions.

    Photo: Robert Mitra

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    This serum, and the entire ar457 line, is built around the curative and nourishing properties of argan oil, also known as “the gold of Morocco.”

    Photo: Robert Mitra

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    The amber-colored solution contains neroli, organic rosehip and argan oils to soothe and smooth winter skin.

    Photo: Robert Mitra

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    A calming and toning face oil that boasts a blend of five essential oils plus antioxidant-rich African marula oil.
    $75; at Barneys New York.

    Photo: Robert Mitra

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    Uemura’s newest cleansing oil, aimed at “fragile skin” and excellent for removing waterproof makeup, won’t strip skin or leave it feeling squeaky clean—which is exactly the point.

    Photo: Robert Mitra

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