Rami Batniji, Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

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Rami Batniji, Plastic Surgery & Dermatology

The housewives of Orange County—not to mention patients from Los Angeles, New York and London—are flocking to facial plastic surgeon Batniji thanks to his light touch and deft hand. The 34-year-old doctor, who specializes in rhinoplasty, attributes the natural appearance of his work to his signature technique: He uses tissue from the patient’s own septum or ear to keep the nasal passages open and to reinforce the structure of the tip. After surgery, out-of-towners recuperate at the nearby Fairmont Hotel, where a nurse-monitored suite is kept on hold. One New York–based patient praised Batniji’s “calming” nature and ego-free approach. “It’s not about everybody having the same nose,” he says. “He takes pride in what he does, but he’s very much into you.”

Newport Beach, California, 949.650.8882

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