Saira Hunjan, Tattoo Artist

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“One of the stars of the Fendi fall 2014 collection—which had a very neutral palette—was this bright punk-fur Karl Lagerfeld doll. It’s a little Karlito! Cara Delevingne carried him on the 
runway, and then I got my own at a Fendi appointment. Now I can take Karl Lagerfeld everywhere with me, like a pet. I can kiss 
him and hold him in my hand, and give him 
Diet Coke to drink instead of water.”

Saira Hunjan, Tattoo Artist

Though Hunjan, 27, has been inking tattoos for eight years, she’s been on her career path since childhood. “I have early memories of drawing designs that my grandmother would use when decorating my hands with henna,” says the London-born artist, who is of Indian descent. “And at school, I just started drawing on myself and then on friends.” Today, her skin art can be seen on Kate Moss and other members of the model’s Primrose Hill set. Hunjan, who has also designed T-shirts for Luella Bartley, finds inspiration in vintage American sailor tattoos, pinup motifs and goth themes. “I really enjoy designing work around the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, so that includes sugar skulls”—the colorful confections traditionally made to celebrate the holiday—“and flowers and religious imagery,” she says. “I like the play on death but making it look beautiful.”

The Family Business Tattoo Shop, London,

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