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On the Verge
Katherine and Kimberly Corp, Pilates on Fifth, New York.

On the Verge

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After quietly gathering loyal followings, these beauty and health pros are about to hit marquee status.


Gayatri Bhatnagar
Herbalist and acupuncturist
Senspa, San Francisco, 415.441.1777

Brooke Alpert
Registered dietitian
New York, 646.943.0755,

Allison Levinson King
Herbalist and acupuncturist
Los Angeles, 323.662.3907


Tara Lee
Prenatal yoga instructor

Erin Malzac
Personal trainer
Equinox, Los Angeles, 310.552.0420

Katherine and Kimberly Corp
Pilates on Fifth, New York, 212.687.8885


Saira Hunjan
The Family Business Tattoo Shop, London,

Plastic surgery & dermatology

Elie and Jody A. Levine
New York, 212.988.1800

Rami Batniji
Newport Beach, California, 949.650.8882

Hair Removal

Danna Homburger
Expert Electrolysis Inc., New York, 212.755.0671

Eyelash Extensions

Lucero Suarez
Berenice Electrolysis, New York, 212.355.7055


Kim Elliott
Yuki Sharoni Salon, Los Angeles, 310.282.5440

Mike Viggue
Sally Hershberger Downtown, New York, 212.206.8700

Corinne Scheitler
Salon Buzz, Chicago, 312.943.5454, ext. 1


Red Zoë
Exhale Spa, New York,

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