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On the Verge
David Shafer, plastic surgeon.

On the Verge

When it comes to looking good and staying fit, we're always hunting for great new talent. Meet the experts soon to be on your speed dial.

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Plastic Surgery

David Shafer
Shafer Plastic Surgery, New York, 212.888.7770


Renato Almeida
New York,


Leanne Citrone
Andy Lecompte Salon, Los Angeles, 310.273.4100

Lawrence Martinez
Butterfly Studio, New York, 212.253.2100

Tifany Douglas
Frederic Fekkai, Dallas, 214.219.3600


Daryl Scott McDonald
Equinox Fiitness Club, New York, 212.953.2499


Veronica Sanabria
Guerlain Spa, New York, 212.872.7200


James Read
St. Tropez, London 44.115.983.6363

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