Beauty Notes From the CFDA Awards

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Beauty Notes From the CFDA Awards

W’s Beauty Director Jane Larkworthy on last night’s hair and makeup hits.

Best makeup looks
blog-cfda-LeeLee.jpgLeelee Sobieski: “Something about that white suit, Jil Sander-meets-Lauren Bacall hair-do and red lips was most excellent.”

blog-cfda-Kerry_washington-2.jpgKerry Washington: “Either she’s madly in love or she’s got the best facialist in the world. With delicately smoked lids and a natural lip shade, perfection.”

blog-cfda-watts.jpgNaomi Watts: “Look up fresh-faced in the dictionary, and there she is. I’d like to guess those sun-kist cheeks are courtesy of Nars’ Orgasm blush…?”

blog-cfda-Sofia_coppola-3.jpgSofia Coppola: “This woman should be a poster child for staying out of the sun, as well as an illustrative example that un-tanned skin is beautiful.”

blog-cfda-karolina-kurkova-2.jpgKarolina Kurkova: “With that hooded dress and shimmery complexion, she was like a paler Grace Jones.”

Best Hair
blog-cfda-Amy-Astley.jpgAmy Astley’s bangs: “Whether the rest of her hair length is a shorter Dutchboy length or longer, as it is now, she wears bangs the best.”

blog-cfda-maggie-rizer.jpgMaggie Rizer: “Her loose (yet, clearly styled) waves brought to mind a modern Rita Hayworth.”

Photos: Sobieski, Washington, Coppola and Astley: Getty Images. All others: Fairchild Archive.

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