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Spring Fragrances

Spring is here. Why are you still wearing Eau de Fireplace? Try these on for size.

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  1. 1/13

    Bond No. 9 Central Park West, $250.

    “Simply put, this narcissus, ylang-ylang, and jasmine white floral reminds me of that first magical day of spring.”

    April 2012

  2. 2/13

    Give Scent, $60.

    “Bergamot, grapefruit, and vanilla create a concoction that smells like freshly served lemon panna cotta. Creamy, citrusy. Extra points: Part of the proceeds go to Women for Women International.”

    April 2012

  3. 3/13

    Carita, $98.

    “A pinch of violet hovers in this rose, bergamot, and iris fragrance, which I can only compare to throwing one mysterious character into an otherwise delightful spring picnic. Intrigue!”

    April 2012

  4. 4/13

    L’Eau de Chloé, $85.

    “Imagine a rose garden, early in the morning, with a subtle breeze of patchouli. And, yes, patchouli can be breezy.”

    April 2012

  5. 5/13

    Michael Kors Suede, $75.

    “He started with the tuberose that made his signature eponymous scent so memorable, then added lily-of-the-valley and mandarin, as well as a few woodsy notes, which render it warmer, creamier.”

    April 2012

  6. 6/13

    Prada Infusion d’Iris Eau de Parfum Absolue, $117.

    “While orange blossom and vanilla round out this bold mix, the true essence of the powdery iris flower rules this scent.”

    April 2012

  7. 7/13

    Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection for Women, $70.

    “All four scents in this group center around light floral notes, but, in my opinion, the third fragrance with its pear and mimosa is the most springlike.”

    April 2012

  8. 8/13

    Roberto Cavalli, $65.

    “Pink peppercorn and orange blossom pair with tonka bean in this sweet, sexy blend.”

    April 2012

  9. 9/13

    Givenchy Le Bouquet Absolu, $58.

    “The bottle might have flower petals illustrated on it, but you can really smell the wild strawberry upon first whiff of this neroli, bergamot, jasmine, and—yes—wild strawberry scent.”

    April 2012

  10. 10/13
  11. 11/13

    Bulgari Omnia Coral, $80.

    “Coral is such an appropriate name for this hibiscus, water lily, and bergamot fragrance because it has a nice ocean-breeze vibe to it.”

    April 2012

  12. 12/13

    Oscar de la Renta Shimmer Powder Atomizer, $62.

    “De la Renta’s classic lemon, bergamot, and jasmine scent comes in this ever-so-clever light powder spray.”

    April 2012

  13. 13/13