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Fragrant Escapes

If you can’t get to an exotic locale, these scents can at least transport your nose there.

  • | by Jane Larkworthy
  • Still Lifes: Marko Metzinger; Runway: CNP Montrose; All Others Courtesy
    Of Jane Larkworthy

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  1. 1/12

    Stella McCartney Summer Rose, $62,

    Picture an wrought-iron table in a garden in the Cotswolds. Place a plate of sliced apples and a vase of freshly-cut peonies down and inhale.  

    June 2012

  2. 2/12

    Dior Escale a Parati, $72,

    Petitgrain, the oil distilled from the leaves and stems of bitter orange, with a touch of mint brings to mind the fields of Grasse on a crisp, breezy Summer morning.

    June 2012

  3. 3/12

    Guerlain Acqua Allgoria Lys Soleia, $61,

    Groves of lemon-trees on the Amalfi Coast likely smell similar to this citrus mix of lemon, bergamot and ylang ylang blend.  

    June 2012

  4. 4/12

    Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur, $70,

    This sparkly mix of muguet, orange flower and myrrh goes perfectly with a sexy summer gown for a spur-of-the-moment weekend jaunt to Paris.

    June 2012

  5. 5/12

    David Yurman Summer Essence, $85,

    This sophisticated mix of pear, peach and apple with muguet, hyacinth and orchid is perfect for an elegant evening wedding on Corsica.

    June 2012

  6. 6/12

    Burberry Brit Summer Limited Edition, $67,

    Now’s the time to visit London, what with the excitement of the Queen’s Jubilee and the Summer Olympics coming up. This spirited mix of green almond, green tea, pear and lime is a playful take on the brand’s classic scent.

    June 2012

  7. 7/12

    Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Eau de Parfum, $65,

    Lisa Hoffman seems like the kind of woman who’d serve her own homemade ginger ale to guests on the back porch of her country house. A burst of sparkly ginger is what you first smell, followed by fresh bergamot and nuzzly agarwood.

    June 2012

  8. 8/12

    By Kilian Asian Tales Water Calligraphy, $225,

    Paddling through Bali on a breezy bamboo raft is perhaps what could have inspired this water lily and jasmine scent, with just a sliver of grapefruit,  for a gentle kick.

    June 2012

  9. 9/12

    A Dozen Roses Electron, $98,

    This rose absolute, violet leaf, green tea and orchid blend has that “after a rainstorm” scent. We imagine smelling the burst of dampened blossoms after a quick downpour in the mountains of Kauai.

    June 2012

  10. 10/12
  11. 11/12

    Space NK’s In Peace, $75,

    Mimosa, musk and sandalwood round out what is the lightest, loveliest iris-based scent ever. Perfect for a relaxed weekend on the coast of Maine. Bonus: 10% of proceeds of every bottle sold go to the Women for Women’s program which supports female post-war survivors.

    June 2012

  12. 12/12