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 The Best Resort

The Best Resort

The relaxed vibe of the Resort collections carried over to the hair and makeup. These easy breezy looks make me want to book the vacation now.

Oscar 2-resized.jpgOscar Higher
Nothing like a little strategic teasing to change a pulled back hairstyle into something bordering royalty. Nicely done, Brian Buenaventura.

Zero + Maria Cornejo 1-resized.jpgTempted to Tango
The understated yet elegant pulled-back, center-parted hair Joanna Lily Wong did for Zero Maria Cornejo reminded me of an Argentinian Ali McGraw.

Michael Kors 2-resized.jpgDew Drop On
Michael Kors usually tends to have his makeup people go bold with the bronzer, but this time, the dewy skin glowed with only a veil of blush (which appeared to be on the temples as well), groomed brows and not much else. Well done, Virginia Young.

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