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Thanks to the Olympics, we’re in an athletic state of mind. Our editors share their must-have workout gear and where they go to sweat it out.

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    Christina Caldwell, Online Director

    WHAT: I’ll try almost any workout once and every so often become completely obsessed with something or someone. Most recently I’ve been a little too into Shaun T’s Insanity (and before that it was Kristi Molinaro’s 30/60/90 at Equinox), but the only routine I’ve consistently gone back to year over year is Physique57.

    WHO: My all-time favorite instructors are Alicia (she was particularly helpful during my pregnancy last year), Alexander, Chanelle, Antonietta and Nora.

    WHERE: Always at the Spring Street location.

    GEAR: One of the things I love most about Physique is that I don’t have to carry a lot with me. I pack their branded socks, leggings, sports bra, and a tank and pick up a SmartWater at the front desk.

    Tracey Anderson for Edition01 leggings, $125, Helmut Lang tank, $80, Nike Lunarglide Running Shoe $120, Nike reversible sports bra $30,, Physique57 socks, $13.

    July 2012

  2. 2/9

    Karla Martinez, Fashion Market and Accessories Director

    What: I do a little bit of everything: yoga, Pilates, running, and strength training.

    Where: My exercise schedule is pretty set in stone: I start my week at Pilates Challenge on Lexington and 83rd on Monday mornings, Wednesday and Friday consist of morning runs on the Westside Highway or if I am lucky in Central Park, Tuesday and Thursday I am at Punch Fitness at 6:30 am. On Saturday, Scott Harig classes at Pure Yoga are amazing.

    Who: By far the one I look forward to the most are Monday mornings with Miriam at Pilates Challenge. I recently moved, but am so devoted to my studio that I take a $15 taxi to get up there.

    Gear: My closet is filled with exercise tops and pants, but quite honestly, I hate tricky tops and fancy pants. I find Zobha yoga wear to be incredible comfortable and not fussy.

    Zobha Classic Racer Tank, $58; Zobha Racer Capri, $72,; Nike Lunarglide+ 4 Premium shoe, $120; ALO Hoodie, $46.

    July 2012

  3. 3/9

    Claudia Mata, Jewelry and Accessories Director

    What: I've been practicing yoga for several years, and I usually prefer a faster-paced, power flow, but some days if the mood strikes, I'll take a more stretching-based and meditative class. I do always ask for extra focus on the abs, my weakness.

    Who: I can't say enough good things about my yogi (and husband) Zander Gladish, who has gathered quite a following for his ability to transform your body. My ultimate (yet lofty) goal is to be in as amazing shape as he is!

    Where: He is available for private and semi-private classes ( or also teaches at various studios around the city like Yoga Vida, SLT, Circuit of Change, Yoga to the People, etc.

    Gear: For my clothing, comfort and ease of movement with my clothing is key! As for gear, I prefer a more cushioned yoga mat and am loving the one from Every time I bring it around, I always get asked about it—everyone loves a monogram!

    Yoga mat, $40,; Monrow tissue tank, $56,; Adidas by Stella McCartney tights, $70,

    July 2012

  4. 4/9

    Nora Milch, Associate Accessories Editor

    What: I’m a regular at Chaise23—it’s a 55-minute cardio and sculpting class done in their “fitness chair” using bungee cords hung from the ceiling. It sounds a bit crazy, but there’s a bit of a ballet and Pilates feel to it, and for me, it all just means a great workout.

    Where: Chaise 23 studio is located in Gramercy. And they just opened a location in East Hampton.

    Who: The best part of this studio is that all of the teachers are equally amazing! So far I've tried classes taught by Maria Carofano, Sarah Taylor, Criscia Richardson, and Catherine Scanlon.

    Gear: No matter the work out, my attire generally remains the same. I stick to black workout leggings and an oversized, comfortable T-shirt or tank top. And as always, the most important accessory is a great pair of shoes. These Brooks are my favorites: light enough to climb all over the "chair" but also has enough support for jumping around too.

    Brooks shoes, $90,; Spanx pants, $78,; Nike sports bra, $30,; Nation LTD tank, $78,; Pierre Hardy tote, $850,

    July 2012

  5. 5/9

    Vanessa Lawrence, Fashion Writer

    What: Running. Specifically, five miles four to five times a week and eight to ten miles on Sunday. If I’m forced to use a treadmill because of traveling, I alternate days between 45 minutes at a consistent pace and intervals.

    Where: Central Park, the reservoir and the Park drive/loop, depending on the day and my mood. Under duress, I'll use a treadmill.

    Who: Alone, except when joined by my running partner Nancy Chilton and on Sundays, her daughter, Ali.

    Gear: I tend to favor black clothes, even when running outdoors in the summer and I never wear shorts because I tan easily and short tan lines are not appealing.

    Prep and recovery are just as important as workout gear. My fuel of choice is two Ito-en Sencha shots, pure concentrated green tea with no sugar. And post-workout, I love coconut water for the electrolytes and potassium (and it has way fewer calories than a sports drink).

    Nike Filament Women’s Running Capris, $48; Nike Miler Women’s Running Shirt, $38; Wrightsock Low Quarter socks, $10; Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 8 Running Shoes, $115; Zensah Running Bra, $36; Sony Active Sport In-Ear Headphones, $90; Sencha Shot case, $38; Vita Coco 12 pack, $22.

    July 2012

  6. 6/9

    Virginia VanZanten, Associate Editor

    WHAT: Nothing leaves me fantastically sore the next day like an hour of boot camp. Plus the ropes, army crawls, relays, kettle bells, and other crazy exercises are the best way to get me out of the usual treadmill rut.

    WHERE: Fortunately, I live a couple of blocks from the Brooklyn Heights Equinox.

    WHO: Adrian Maddox for Bootcamp and Gregg Cook for Whipped.

    GEAR: I go for a great, lightweight pair of gym shoes from Brooks and love Lululemon gear, particularly for the long size in pants and free hemming in-store. A godsend for tall gals. And for a post-workout reward, I treat myself to the green juice from Cooler Cleanse.

    Brooks Pure Cadence, $140; Lululemon Groove Pant, $98; Nike Pro Hypercool Tank, $36.

    July 2012

  7. 7/9

    Will Kahn, Accessories Editor

    WHAT: Call me crazy but I love a run in the summer heat. I have been hitting the West Side Highway and running from Midtown to Tribeca and back. But on Tuesday mornings, I hit David Barton Gym for Asphalt Abs class. It’s 45 full minutes of abs and leaves me sore for a week. I love it.

    Who: The class is taught by model Joe Lazo, former face of Hugo Boss. He’s very motivating at 7am.

    WHERE: David Barton’s Chelsea location at 23rd St.

    GEAR: Sleeveless is almost mandatory and Nike’s tank top breathe really well. I also love the pop of color in the two in one Nike shorts and bright running shoes. And I always have Larabar post workout to keep my energy up. It's all natural and gluten free.

    Nike’s running tank, $30,; Nike’s two-in-one shorts, $50,; Nike’s lunarguide running shoe, $110,; LÄRabar Ginger Snap, $25.45 For 16 Bars,

    July 2012

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