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Skincare Magic To Go

A visit to Dangene at New York’s Core Club is not for the parsimonious: a facial costs $750. But during said facial, pores are cleaned, dark spots are zapped away (via the hyfercator machine), eyebrows are tweezed, and everything gets micro-dermabraded. “These aren’t feel-good visits,” the statuesque single-named aesthetician has been known to say. “But once I’m done with your skin, you won’t need to wear foundation.”

blog-dangene-skinovator-trio-01.jpgThe Dangene Skinovator line

Her latest step toward achieving that lofty goal is Dangene Skinovator, her new skin care line. The three-piece collection includes a foaming cream cleanser and a cactus peptin-based gel moisturizer that imparts a silky finish. The star, however, is the “10-in-1” antioxidant-based, anti-glycation serum. “This is the magic,” says Dangene, holding a bottle of the clear amber spray. “It hydrates, exfoliates, brightens, calms. I swear, I can feel its energy in my hands.”

Take-home bottles of the products are now included in her facials, but non-Dangenites can buy them too, by calling 212-249-8172.

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