• Beyoncé: Until last night, we thought the only women who could pull off out-of-the-shower hair were models. We predict a drop in umbrella sales from Queen B’s sexily dripping tresses.
  • Jared Leto: With his shiny chestnut locks falling in gentle curls upon his shoulders, five bucks says Herbal Essences may soon be knocking on Leto’s door.
  • Lorde: Any 17-year-old who calls out our culture’s obsession with superficial fabulosity clearly has her own priorities in line. Let her go and goth out her lips and nails if she wants to. SHE’S 17.
  • Taylor Swift: The songstress’s red carpet Bardot-inspired ponytail was fine, but we mostly dug her sexier post-head-banging ‘do on stage.
  • Willie Nelson: A certain freedom comes with reaching the milestone of an 80th birthday. Like wearing your hair in Laura Ingalls-style braids.