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You Glow, Girl!

W editors reveal their go-to face masks for every skincare concern.

  • You Glow, Girl! - Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask
  • You Glow, Girl! - Biologique Recherché Masque Vivant
  • You Glow, Girl! - SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
  • You Glow, Girl! - Juara Turmeric Antioxidant Facial Mask
  • You Glow, Girl! - Chanel Sublimage Masque
  • You Glow, Girl! - AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask
  • You Glow, Girl! - Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
  • You Glow, Girl! - Eve Lom Moisture Mask
  • You Glow, Girl! - Chantecaille Fruit and Floral Acids Mask
  • You Glow, Girl! - Dr. Jart+ PORE MEDIC Purifying Mask
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    “I draped this jelly mess of mesh over my face when my husband took the dog out last night, and, even though I only had it on for ten minutes, I received about four compliments on my skin the next day. Time to buy in bulk!” – Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director

    Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask, $95 for a set of four,

  2. 2/12

    "The best mask is Biologique Recherché Vivant mixed with a little of their VIP O2 one. Forget the fact that it smells crazy and turns your face kinda red afterwards. After a week of using it, your skin will look beyond amazing." – Karin Nelson, Features Editor

    Biologique Recherché Masque Vivant, $61, and Biologique Recherché Masque VIP O2, $135,

  3. 3/12

    “SK-II’s luxurious face masks are the next best thing when there’s no time for a trip to the spa." - Karla Martinez de Salas, Fashion Market and Accessories Director

    SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, $95 for six masks,

  4. 4/12

    “It’s not only soothing and healing, the turmeric leaves a subtle tan-like tint.” – Katie Becker, Beauty Editor

    Juara Turmeric Antioxidant Facial Mask, $35,

  5. 5/12

    “I always apply this hydrating face mask after exfoliating.” - Claudia Mata, Jewelry and Accessories Director

    Chanel Sublimage Masque, $190,

  6. 6/12

    “After a recent trip to Israel, I knew I had to bring a little bit of the dead sea’s skin-softening magic back with me. This mud mask is a miracle worker. It certainly helped extend my post-vacation glow.” – Sarah Leon, Web Editor

    AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask, $31,

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  8. 8/12

    "The second I feel the onset of a breakout—or if I'm feeling even shinier than usual—I slather this mask on my T-zone. It makes me feel like I've suctioned out every possible skin impurity." – Vanessa Lawrence, Features Writer

    Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, $24,

  9. 9/12

    “Overnight flights do a number on my skin, so right before touch down I apply this botanical-based mask. With no excess to wipe off, I arrive looking and feeling completely refreshed.” – Kat Herriman, Digital Editorial Assistant

    Eve Lom Moisture Mask, $90,

  10. 10/12

    “No matter how busy I get, I happily put everything on hold to do this mask twice a week. It removes imperfections and leaves my skin moist, soft, and glowing.” – Gillian Sagansky, Associate to the Editor in Chief

    Chantecaille Fruit and Floral Acids Mask, $86,

  11. 11/12

    “From clearing pores to hydrating skin, this gentle little mask does it all.” – Sue Williamson, Digital Editorial Associate

    Dr. Jart+ PORE MEDIC Purifying Mask, $29 for five masks,

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