Beauty » Model Mia Rae Joins the Buzz Cut Cult

Model Mia Rae Joins the Buzz Cut Cult

The new face agreed to have her hair shaved off for the August issue.

The past March, model Mia Rae walked into the W magazine offices with a smile on her face, excited to have her hair shaved off by stylist Owen Gould. Relatively new to the scene, she agreed to get a makeover in the name of fashion — specifically for the “Cult Classics” photoshoot styled by Edward Enninful, in which she poses alongside Ruth Bell and Grace Bol, who also have shaved heads. Originally from a small town in Arizona, Rae had experimented with short hair in the past, and had always wanted a buzz cut. So, when W suggested the look, she didn’t need much convincing. “I just go with the flow,” she said. She even bleached her eyebrows a few weeks prior for an editorial job and decided to keep them. Although she had a much edgier look after her “liberating” haircut, she was still smiling when she left.

Describe your look in three words:
Simple, edgy, and unapologetic.

Something you never leave the house without:

Exercise regime:
Since I moved to New York, I started working with a trainer from my agency and he gave me a workout to do; a lot of elliptical and aerobic exercises. I also do yoga on my own time.

Skincare routine:
My little trick is the Trader Joe’s tea tree oil face wash.

Where did you get your hair done before the buzz cut?
I got my color done at Cutler and the cut was done at Spoke and Wheel in Los Angeles.

Pharmacy find:
This is kind of a secret, but I really like using kid’s toothpaste that’s like, bubblegum flavored.

Fragrance of choice:
I like to put a little eucalyptus and lavender in a spray bottle and use that.

Best beauty advice from mom:
Always wash your face twice a day and never sleep with makeup on.

Best beauty advice from the professionals:
Know your face.

Beauty icons:
Kate Moss and Twiggy; the classics.

Are you reading anything right now?
I’ve been doing a lot of reading, mostly in the subway. I just finished “The Alchemist,” and I’ve started all the H.P. Lovecraft horror stories. Also, I’m reading the original Grimm Fairy Tales.

How do you feel with your new haircut?
I mean, my head’s a little chilly, but it feels freeing. It’s liberating. I’ve always wanted to go full-on and shave it, but I’d never had an opportunity to.

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