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    The Nose Will Travel

    My favorite scents are the ones that transport me somewhere: One whiff of fresh-cut grass and I’m relaxing in my backyard; a sniff of pine and I’m hiking in the Berkshires. David Moltz of D.S. & Durga knows where I’m coming from—he was so inspired by a visit to Scotland and Ireland last year that he created a trio called Hylnds (above, $180, “I’m always searching out new aromatic materials, and on this trip, I got some amazing ones: poplar bud, black pine, fir balsam,” says Moltz, who channeled W.B. Yeats when it came to naming his concoctions: Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake is a damp, woodsy beech-wood-and-heather blend with a “roasted seashell” note; Isle Ryder mixes jasmine and spruce. And Bitter Rose, Broken Spear smells like a bonfire—which makes me happy wherever I am.

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    Sacre Bleu

    My idea of a French manicure? Iridescent blues from Dior and Chanel. Dior’s polish duo Samba (above left, $29, pairs a creamy mint with a hologram-esque teal. Chanel’s Azure (above right and top, $27, shimmers in a deep marine hue.

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    Rooting Around

    Hair color, in my opinion, is both an art and a science­, something one shouldn’t really mess with at home. (Operative word: mess.) But when I can’t get in to see my professional of choice—Gina Gilbert at the Serge Normant at John Frieda salon—I prettify my part with one of two no-commitment gray-concealing products. Color Wow Root Cover Up (shown, $35, looks like a cake of eye shadow and is just as easy to apply. TouchBack marker ($30, works like a pen and comes in eight shades.

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    Beach Box

    Socialite–cum–fashion designer Alexandra Lind Rose dreamed up this chic clutch for her longtime friend Valerie McMurray, the founder of Soleil Organique. It contains five travel-size versions of Soleil’s newly reformulated mineral-based sunscreens (below, right, $395,; and at the Spa Botánico at Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, below, left).

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    Napoleon Complexion

    The secret ingredient in Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream (left and below, $45, Snail mucus. Having read about the substance’s wound-healing effects, Perdis mixed it with blueberry- seed oil, green tea extract, and algae minerals to create his Beauty Boosting Balm, which packs broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen. And no, it’s not the least bit slimy.

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    It’s Always 3 p.m. Somewhere

    Snacking is very important to me, so I’m often on the lookout for healthy options. I’m loving the BluePrint Bars from BluePrint Cleanse (left, $3 each, for stores), which come in four dried-fruit-and-nut versions. And a friend turned me on to Mariko’s Protein Poppers (from $12, The flaxseed, whey protein, peanut, wheat germ, and honey balls taste like a spa version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. And unlike when I have the real thing, I feel truly satisfied after eating just one of these.

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