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Nature Nurture

When it comes to beauty products, I’ve always considered myself a flexitarian: I figure even if my moisturizer is full of chemicals, at least my deodorant is organic. But recently I’ve found some green goodies that work so well, I might soon be an all-natural woman.

  • Nature Nurture - Kjaer Weis foundation
  • Nature Nurture - Red Flower Illuminating Collagen Renewal Face Serum
  • Nature Nurture - Aftelier Perfumes 
Cuir de Gardenia
  • Nature Nurture - Alexandra Soveral Angel Balm
  • Nature Nurture - W3LL People Expressionist 
Bio Extreme Mascara
  • Nature Nurture - Lite + Cycle Urban Forest Candle
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    You can blend this mineral-based cream (which also has organic almond seed and coconut oils) into the skin 
for sheer coverage or apply it more heavily on days when you have a little more to hide.

    Kjaer Weis foundation, $68,

  2. 2/8

    This concoction’s main ingredient, rose oil, soothes inflammation, but I 
also love the slightly dewy finish it imparts.

    Red Flower Illuminating Collagen Renewal Face Serum, $86,

  3. 3/8

    Leathery castoreum adds a coziness to this elegant, 100 percent natural white-
floral fragrance.

    Aftelier Perfumes 
Cuir de Gardenia, $240,

  4. 4/8

    This London facialist is known 
for her radiance-boosting massages. 
It makes sense, then, that her geranium-oil cleanser is meant to 
be applied with invigorating 
circular movements. My favorite part of her at-home routine: draping a steamy-hot washcloth over my face and letting the unctuous potion 
melt away—it really feels like a facial.

    Alexandra Soveral Angel Balm, $89,

  5. 5/8

    Sure, it may seem virtuous to use a mascara that doesn’t contain petroleum and parabens, but I was won over by the clump-free formula and the nice clean length this one gives my lashes.

    W3LL People Expressionist 
Bio Extreme Mascara, $23,

  6. 6/8

    Cedar and fir mingle with coffee in 
this candle. Bonus: It’s made with only essential oils and vegetable wax.

Lite + Cycle Urban Forest Candle, $40,

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