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Supermodels ARE Just Like Us
WelleCo Super Elixir, $135, welleco.com.

Supermodels ARE Just Like Us

Model Elle Macpherson's new nutritional supplement is helping W's beauty director sleep soundly.

At least Elle Macpherson is—in that she admits to having hit 
an energy slump a few years back. 
“My skin was always dry, and I’d lost my ‘Let’s go discover!’ attitude,” says 
the 50-year-old stunner. And so, she booked an appointment with Simone Laubscher, a London nutritionist, who cut Macpherson’s three daily espressos down to one, encouraged her to up 
her sleep from four to eight hours a night, and sent her off with a powdered supplement. “Within a week I started 
to feel alive,” Macpherson says. She was so impressed, in fact, that she decided 
to team up with Laubscher to create Welleco, a wellness brand based on that supplement. Packaged in a chic lacquered jar, the blend of vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, and Chinese herbs called the Super Elixir restores healthy levels of alkalinity to the body, says Laubscher. I’ve been drinking the citrusy vanilla mix with water for a few weeks, and, like Elle, 
I do feel more energetic. Now, if only there were a magic powder that could make me look like Elle Macpherson…

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