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Bang Theory
Jane Larkworthy.

Bang Theory

W's beauty director shares favorite hair repair products.

When I got bangs a few months ago, I was such a klutz at styling them that my friend Marcy 
said they looked like buckteeth. Happily, I’ve found the hair care equivalent of braces in a new lineup of products. While in 
the shower, I leave Kérastase Gommage Chronologiste Revitalizing & Exfoliating Scalp Treatment ($44, kerastase-
usa.com) all over the top of my 
hair for five minutes. It cleans with apricot-seed beads (and, for those who use hair color powder to camouflage gray roots, it does a great job at removing buildup). Next, I wash with MarulaOil Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo ($25, raremarula.com), which makes my hair feel so silky that I’m almost tempted to skip the accompanying conditioner. 
(I said “almost.”) Then, after towel-drying, I generously spray on ESalon Straight to the 
Heart Straightening Hair Mist ($18, esalon.com), which gives my bangs a salonlike smoothness. 
I finish with a light patting of Aloxxi Essential 7 Oil Dry Oil Shine Mist ($25, aloxxi.com) 
to prevent flyaways—because the only thing worse than “buckteeth” is “Roseanne Roseannadanna.”

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