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On the Menu

Everyone’s a foodie these days, including, it seems, perfumers. The list of notes in these new scents reads like the offerings at a farm-to-table restaurant.

  • On the Menu - Bulgari Au Thé Bleu,
  • On the Menu - Jimmy Choo Illicit
  • On the Menu - Marc Jacobs Decadence
  • On the Menu - Burberry Eau de Toilette
  • On the Menu - Comme des Garçons Floriental
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  1. 1/7

    Oolong tea dominates this gender-neutral scent, which gets its herbal quality from lavender and shiso leaves.

    Bulgari Au Thé Bleu, $160,

  2. 2/7

    Ginger and bitter orange add a kick to this honey-amber concoction.

    Jimmy Choo Illicit, $112,

  3. 3/7

    Perfumer Annie Buzantian relied on juicy Italian plum to give this scent its come-hither quality. Iris, Bulgarian rose, and liquid amber also make the ingredients list.

    Marc Jacobs Decadence, $120,

  4. 4/7

    Peach and lemon flowers lend fruity brightness to a sophisticated sweet pea–and-peony brew.

    Burberry My Burberry Eau de Toilette, $98,

  5. 5/7

    Plum liqueur pops up in this resiny blend, joined by pink pepper, vetiver, and labdanum.

    Comme des Garçons Floriental, $130,

  6. 6/7
  7. 7/7