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Keen on Quinoa
Courtesy of Jane Larkworthy.

Keen on Quinoa

W's beauty director travels to Peru.

Some fly to Italy for the pasta, others to France for the wine and the cheese. My husband and I trekked all the way to Peru for quinoa. And before you write me off as some health food nut, you really need to try a quinoa facial. The grainy seed is a wonderfully gentle exfoliant, which explains why it’s a star ingredient at The Spa at Tambo del Inka, in Peru’s Sacred Valley region. The Quinoa Facial was the perfect end to Tambo’s Quinoa Trail, a full-day program that began with the fluffiest quinoa pancakes, followed by a mountain bike ride past miles of quinoa fields, the aforementioned facial, and, finally, a dinner featuring the calcium-rich morsels in everything from risotto to cheesecake. Okay, fine. Maybe I am a health food nut. (libertador.com.pe)

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