» Focus on: Wynter Gordon

Director: Clint Higgins; Director of Photography: Johnny North; Camera: Elizabeth Cavanagh, Additional Camera: Ben Sayeg, Lighting: Jill Sager, Audio: Annemarie Knight, AC/DIT: Cristina Wolf. Creative Director: Sarah Salvatoriello; Marketing Director: Alison Javora.

Focus on: Wynter Gordon

An artist in every sense of the word, on-the-verge, Brooklyn-based musician Wynter Gordon’s new sound, and upcoming album, are a manifestation of her following her true passion. From lunch with close friends at Miss Lily’s and the eclectic booths of a Chelsea flea market to fashion magazines and global travel, Wynter collects inspiration from all she sees and experiences to truly hone her craft, translating into her fashion style too.

Get inspired by Wynter’s eclectic style and create your own look.