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Let's Panic

Stay calm and check out this new magazine

What happens when you give photographers, stylists, writers and artists free rein to produce a magazine? No editorial direction to follow, no list of big name designer clothing they’re required shoot? You get something like Let’s Panic, a biannual founded by photographers Greg Kadel and Aaron Ward. “We approached people we love and are inspired by,” says its senior editor Jade Berreau. “And told them ‘Just go for it.’” Included in the debut issue, which hits newsstands this week, is an interview with Danish photographer Jacob Holdt, who documents racism in America; artwork and photography by the hairstylist Bob Recine; and a fashion story by Araki, the erotic-minded Japanese artist who knows no constraints aside from ropes and leather harnesses. The cover stars Malgosia Bela, shot by Kadel and styled by Bill Mullen in vintage clothes from Melet Mercantile. In addition to the commissioned stories, the magazine also features older work such as Tony Notarberardino’s portraits of Chelsea Hotel residents in the ‘70s, and behind-the-scenes Polaroids from ‘80s and ‘90s fashion shoots courtesy of Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele’s former assistant Inge Fonteyne. “It’s like when you go on a trip and you want to take all your favorite books,” says Berreau. “The idea was to make Let’s Panic all of them in one.”

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