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  1. 1/9

    My hot pink Smythson stationery.

  2. 2/9

    I ordered my name in cursive from Benneton Graveur.

  3. 3/9

    The cherry note cards are from Mrs. John L. Strong.

  4. 4/9

    The pale pink set is from Olivier de Sercey.

  5. 5/9

    After seeing this flag stationery at Benneton Graveur, I was inspired to get my daughter’s birth announcement made there.

  6. 6/9

    Marc Jacobs’s note cards from Benneton Graveur.

  7. 7/9
  8. 8/9

    My new Louis Vuitton custom stationery.

  9. 9/9

Note Well

Stationery is one of my biggest indulgences. I have different kinds to suit my mood or the occasion, so I like to think it’s okay to have a wardrobe of stationery. Benneton Graveur, the legendary Paris stationer, is known for turning out beautiful and elaborate cards. Marc Jacobs had a drawing of his dogs made into stationery there; I ordered my first daughter’s birth announcement with them and splurged on some cards with our address in cursive when I was first living in Paris. Soon after, I discovered the chic Olivier de Sercey down the street from our apartment on the rue du Bac, which is where I get a lot of mine. I also once ordered monogrammed Smythson cards, with envelopes lined in hot pink tissue, which I still love. And I was excited to hear that Louis Vuitton has started a custom-stationery service! The classic cards come in great brown boxes—and make the best gifts. And the W editors turned me on to Mrs. John L. Strong, who made me these cherry cards and who seem to be able to do anything. I was thinking their gold-firecracker motif would make a nice card, but I should use some of the others up first…

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