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  • Don't Miss: Jett Pack - Joan Jett and Jackie Fox
  • Don't Miss: Jett Pack - The Runaways
  • Don't Miss: Jett Pack - Joan Jett
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    Jett, left, with bandmate Jackie Fox. Photograph by Brad Elterman.

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    The Runaways. Photograph by Brad Elterman.

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    Joan Jett. Photograph by Brad Elterman.

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Don't Miss: Jett Pack

A new exhibition showcases the world of the Runaways.

Joan Jett was 15 when she debuted with her all-girl band the Runaways. Even then, the wild child with a black shag and a leather jacket was a fashion icon. An exhibition, opening June 13 at Evil Rock N Roll Hollywood Cat, a new store in L.A., pays homage with rare photos by Brad Elterman, vintage posters, and original albums—all curated by owner Juliana Sorelli with Kristen Stewart and Riley Keough, who starred in a 2010 biopic about the band.

Evil Rock N Roll Hollywood Cat, 1608 N. Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, CA

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