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Drinks with the Devil
Dahn Vo's Casa Dragones special edition of Joven tequila. Photo courtesy of the brand.

Drinks with the Devil

W’s features director reveals her tequila of choice.

If drinking tequila, or, maybe just drinking it in significant quantities, has a way of making you feel like you’re possessed, you are not alone. In honor of his take-over of the Danish Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale, the artist Dahn Vo, who is Vietnamese but grew up in Denmark, has joined forces with Casa Dragones on a special edition of Joven tequila, the labels of which have been hand inscribed by Vo’s father (and faithful collaborator) with the artist’s favorite lines from the 1973 horror classic, The Exorcist. (Of all of the options, “Lick me, lick me” seems particularly apt.) One of the 666 total bottles is on view in the Danish Pavilion among Vo’s installation, but the rest are up for grabs. Email and tell them Captain Howdy sent you.

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