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Gavin Brown, Grillmaster

Gavin Brown, Grillmaster

blog_gallery_goround.jpgLast Thursday’s unveiling of the group show The Living and the Dead at Gavin Brown Enterprises felt less like a gallery fete than an all-out block party. In addition to the works by Elizabeth Peyton and Cindy Sherman (among many others) hanging on the walls inside, guests were treated to hot dogs and hamburgers served up by none other than Gavin Brown. By sunset, the sidewalk was littered with artists and gallery-hoppers alike, all with full bellies and that lazy summer feeling.

blog_gbe_1.jpgblog_gbe_2.jpgblog_gbe_3.jpgblog_gbe_4_rachelfeinstein_johncurrin.jpgRachel Feinstein and John Currin

blog_gbe_5_jennyborland.jpgJenny Borland

blog_gbe_6_gavinbrown.jpgblog_gbe_7_gavinbrown.jpgGavin Brown at the grill.

blog_gbe_8.jpgblog_gbe_10_dancolen_darrenbader.jpgDan Colen and curator Darren Bader


Photos by Ryan James MacFarland.

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