Art & Design » Graffiti greats, up on the roof
Graffiti greats, up on the roof

Graffiti greats, up on the roof

We’re already feeling nostalgic for the rooftop parties of summer. A couple weeks ago, Gawker Artists threw a party on top of their company’s Elizabeth Street offices to kick off the show “MOM & POPism,” a collaboration between photographers James and Karla Murray (who recently published the book Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York) and more than 20 graffiti and street artists. At the invitation of curator Billi Kid, the artists put their signature marks on giant prints of the Murrays’ photos.

Special thanks to Christos Katsiaouni, who took these photographs for us.

blog_christos_01.jpgThe Dude Company



blog_christos_04.jpgPeru Ana Ana Peru



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