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Christopher Walken is watching you

Christopher Walken is watching you

blog_gallery_goround.jpgNot your typical art show: Last week at Diane von Furstenberg’s gallery all the portraits on the walls were of one man: Christopher Walken. The show, “Sundays With Chris,” by painter/financier John W. Codling drew a motley mix of artists, power brokers and Wall St. types, among them Damon Dash, Dustin Yellin, Alexander-Dexter Jones and Mick Rock. Codling (who has never met actually Walken) has been telling everyone that he adopted Walken as his muse when the financial crisis hit. (Some of the names of his canvases: Walken This Way, Baby Walken, I Can’t Stop Walken.) Guests bid on the paintings; the sales benefited the cancer charity Team Continuum.

blog_walken_01.jpg blog_walken_02.jpgJohn W. Codling

blog_walken_03.jpg blog_walken_04.jpg blog_walken_05.jpgJamison Ernest

blog_walken_06.jpg blog_walken_07.jpg blog_walken_08.jpgDamon Dash

Photos by Christos Katsiaouni

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