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Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

blog_gallery_goround.jpgCollectors may have tightened their belts, but the crowd thronging the gallery Haunch of Venison last night was happy to loosen them to sample the mouth-watering art on display. Thrown by Kreemart and American Patrons of Tate, the event showcased commissioned cakes by four artists, each of whom designed a delectable work in collaboration with a leading pastry chef.

blog_cakes_03.jpg Leandro Erlich teamed with Guido Mogni of Sant Ambroeus to produce “You Can’t have Your Cake and eat it too,” which took the form of a lifesize chocolate sofa, while Rob Wynne made “Cake, Cake” (the word ‘Cake’ spelled out in letters made of cake, as shown above) aided by Lidia Bastianich and Brooks Headly of Del Posto.

blog_cakes_01.jpg Mickalene Thomas, meanwhile, sent topless beauties (above) into the fray, bearing trays laden with cakes that they hand-fed to anyone eager to take a bite. (Thomas’ treats came via Bob Spiegel of Creative Edge) And artist Marina Abramović, working with Daniel’s Dominique Ansel, kept herself busy conducting the “Abramović experiment,” wherein participants were invited to don lab coats and smear gold leaf over their lips before gathering in a cluster to form a symbolic cake with their bodies. Cakes, naturally, were their reward for all that hard work.

blog_cakes_02.jpg blog_cakes_07.jpg blog_cakes_05.jpg blog_cakes_06.jpgMarina Abramović

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