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Organizing Chaos

Organizing Chaos

blog_lisa_banner.jpgLisa Borgnes Giramonti, whose endlessly chic blog, A Bloomsbury Life, is a longstanding favorite of W editors, is back for a second stint on our Editors’ Blog. (See her previous blogs here.) This time around, she’s sharing her resolutions for 2010—and the elegant accoutrements she’s found to help her achieve them. Check back here every Friday for Lisa’s weekly installments.

Part One: I resolve to be more organized.

This impassioned statement came tripping off my lips sometime mid-cocktail on December 31st and since then, I’ve done zilch to follow it up. As a result, the past few weeks have been slightly shambolic (and not in a tousled, sexy “I’m working it” sort of way). To that end, I’ve scoured the internet for the best new items that I am hoping will add a little tidiness to 2010.

blog_lisaorganized_01.jpg This gold necklace pen feels very Mad Men meets Nancy Mitford to me, but more important than its soignée, old-school aesthetic is the fact that it promises to eliminate the clumsy fumble through the dark recesses of your purse for the pen you swear you tossed in this morning. (It’s even detachable, although if your brain cells are like mine, I don’t recommend it.) I’m itching for my next opportunity to sign on the dotted line.

blog_lisaorganized_02.jpg Speaking of purses, this copper leather transfer bag keeps all your essentials (cell phone, credit cards, money, makeup) in apple-pie order so that switching between purses becomes a five-second operation instead of a chaotic scramble. I’m always forgetting to carry over something I tossed into a side pocket and only realizing it when the officer asks to see my driver’s license. Hopefully, those days are now over.

blog_lisaorganized_03.jpg It takes a visionary to make household chores sexy…and thankfully one has. Designer Celia Birtwell (muse to David Hockney and Ossie Clark) has turned her keen eye onto the domestic front and I recommend we do so as well. Her kitchen drawer kit holds a utility knife, a pair of scissors and a tape measure, all festooned with a colorful, iconic print that will definitely motivate you to measure curtains, trim wallpaper or clip coupons.

blog_lisaorganized_04.jpg Every morning, it’s the same routine at my house: 1. Get dressed. 2. Eat breakfast. 3. Embark on frantic search for keys. These crown hooks are a regal solution to a commonplace problem. Mount them side-by-side on the inside of a door near your entrance and you’ll have five more minutes to sleep in each morning.

blog_lisaorganized_05.jpg I’m honing in on my quest for the perfect urban bicycle (watch out, Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i) but I’ve already chosen the perfect willow basket to adorn the front. It’s simple, sturdy and an example of classic design at its best. Retire your back-breaking messenger’s bag; this is the perfect receptacle to securely corral all your Sunday farmers market goodies and still maintain a ladylike posture.

blog_lisaorganized_06.jpg Running a close second to my love for England is my love for containers. These Emma Bridgewater nesting tins bring a bit of the beloved sceptr’d isle vibe stateside and are perfect for decluttering your pantry, your closet, your office or anything else for that matter.

blog_lisaorganized_07.jpg For years, I’ve resisted buying a laptop case because they were all so, well…boring-looking. As a result, my iBook has been bumped and banged and hasn’t always lived to tell. However, leave it to Paul Smith to come up with the perfect cheeky solution. His screen-printed laptop case features vintage speedometers and makes me want to Netflix Le Mans (1971) with Steve McQueen immediately.

blog_lisaorganized_08.jpg My accountant makes me save my receipts, but the heap of crumpled credit card slips gets to be so unmanageable that I end up losing half of them anyway. NeatReceipts scans everything, converts them to instant digital files and even organizes them for you into specific categories so taxes are a snap. Now that’s sexy.

blog_lisaorganized_09.jpg I have a well-known India fixation, so this mango wood jewelry box solves my tangled necklace situation and satisfies my urge for all things Hindi. Handcrafted in Jodhpur using traditional techniques, each piece is highly labor intensive (which makes the price all that much more remarkable).

blog_lisaorganized_10.jpg Despite the best intentions, it’s folly to think that there won’t still be days when it’s all you can do to get out of bed in the morning. Despair not. These divine-smelling hair powders from Lulu Organics (tuberose, jasmine, lavender and sage, patchouli and amber) refresh your tresses on those mornings when shampoo is not in the realm of possibility.

blog_lisaorganized_11.jpgFinally, this Rick Owens jersey tunic makes getting dressed a no-brainer. It’s elegant, looks seriously comfortable and I can see myself wearing it in any situation, from school carpool to afternoon pitch meeting to dinner at the Chateau Marmont.

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