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Paulina Olowska's

Paulina Olowska's "Applied Fantastic"

blog_Paulina_Olowska.jpgThe polish painter Paulina Olowska describes the subject of her current work, currently exhibited at Metro Pictures, as “anti-fashion, fashion.” Her images depicting Eastern Bloc women wearing chunky sweaters were taken directly from communist-era postcards of DIY knitting patterns. Olowska originally intended to produce the knitwear—which one could imagine might be successfully sold at Opening Ceremony—herself, but stopped short of becoming an artist-slash-designer. Olowska found additional inspirations in photographer Daniele Tamagni’s book Gentlemen of Bacongo, which reveals a glamorous subculture of the Congo through images of dandies dressed in designer duds and bespoke suits.

Paulina Olowska’s “Applied Fantastic” runs through December 4, 2010.

—Adam Shopkorn

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