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Washington Street Graffiti

Washington Street Graffiti

blog_retna_01.jpgFor those craving a cultural fix in the midst of this open bar, eight show-a-day infused Fashion Week, there are plenty of worthy options: Terence Koh opens his gold infused showcase at Mary Boone on February 12, Francesco Vezzoli-lovers can appreciate his efforts at Gagosian, Ross Bleckner followers can get their fix through Tim Hamilton’s latest print centered jackets. And last night, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld and Andy Valmorbida (above) opened “The Hallelujah World Tour,” focused on the LA-based graffiti phenom, RETNA.


“This is so dope,” said surprise guest Chris Brown as he toured the space at 560 Washington, a room filled with RETNA’s works and the familiar faces of Richard Phillips, Irina Lazareanu and W’s own Stefano Tonchi. “I know this is Fashion Week, but you have to think about your art-spending budget as well!” said the singer. Even curator Roitfeld had to battle some serious obstacles to make it to the opening, though they had little to do with Fashion Week. “I’ve been in bed with a serious 39 degree [102.2 °F] fever since last night,” he shrugged. “I’m so sick, but I’m trying to stay focused. I wish they’d serve tea at the open bar.”

“The Hallelujah World Tour,” 560 Washington Street, New York, NY

Photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency/Neil Rasmus

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