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Salon94 Takes a Trip to LA

Salon94 Takes a Trip to LA

Last week, Salon94‘s Fabienne Stephan ventured to Los Angeles with her camera for an art-filled getaway. Highlights from her trip included the opening of Jeffrey Deitch’s “Art in the Streets” at MoCA Geffen, hanging out in Kenny Scharf’s brightly customized car and a mind-bending glow-in-the-dark room recreated from Patti Astor’s Fun Gallery. Below, some of Fabienne’s favorite snapshots from the week:

blog-fabienne-stephen-01.jpgFabienne wearing Stella McCartney in front of the Kenny Scharf customized car

blog-fabienne-stephen-04.jpgJade Berreau in a Marc Hundley t-shirt

blog-fabienne-stephen-02.jpgJulie Leonard in front of a Keith Haring/LA2 mural in the Fun Gallery room

blog-fabienne-stephen-07.jpgKenny Scharf’s customized piano at Royal T ‘s Facemaker show, curated by Kathy Grayson

blog-fabienne-stephen-05.jpgKenny took this photo of Fabienne in his customized golf cart at his studio

blog-fabienne-stephen-06.jpgNatasha Garcia Lomas on the balcony of her Schindler home

blog-fabienne-stephen-03.jpgRegen Projects director Heather Harmon in the Black Swan installation

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