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Grey Goods

blog-gray-area-01.jpgIf Kyle DeWoody had her way, Tom Sachs would be making toilet paper rolls and Kiki Smith customizing water bottles. “I personally think artists should design everything,” says DeWoody, the daughter of art collector Beth Rudin DeWoody, and the creative director and curator of Grey Area, a new online venture, co-founded with Artlog’s Manish Vora, that offers a range of uncommon goods, crafted by artists. Among the wares: mummified Barbies by EV Day, wallpaper by Warhol lensman Christopher Makos, a white plastic Rolex designed by Shelter Serra (above), and a sterling silver clutch cast from termite-bored wood by sculptor Michele Oka Doner. Prices range from under a hundred dollars to tens of thousands, and new product will be continually introduced. Additionally, a series of bricks-and-mortar pop-up shops are scheduled, beginning with one in Watermill, opening July 22.

blog-grey-area-8-MUMMIFIED-BARBIES.jpgEV Day’s “Mummified Barbies”

blog-grey-area-ANDY-DANDY-02.jpgChristopher Makos’ “Andy Dandy” Wallpaper, modeled by Eric Adolfsen


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