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German Engineering: Documenta 13

German Engineering: Documenta 13

blog-documenta-Theaster-Gates.jpg Kassel, Germany, is far away from everywhere, but everywhere is in Kassel right now for the 13th Documenta art fair. Established in 1955 and held every five years in this town about two hours east of Frankfurt, this year’s fair specializes in making real places unreal –and vice versa. British artist Janet Cardiff created a video piece you follow on an Ipod as you walk through the town’s central train station, seeing the empty track where she tells you the trains once left for the concentration camps. In a baroque municipal park, Pierre Huyge offers both trash and weeds as art, and throws in some weird science with pair of dogs featuring purple legs. And South African artist William Kentridge projects videos— a cartoon-like parade of fools that move around you and giant metronomes tick-tocking away— on the walls of an abandoned warehouse. Best of all is the piece by artist Theaster Gates (above), who took over the old Huguenot-style House and turned it into a three dimensional art piece, complete with daily jazz performances.

blog-documenta-02.jpgFrom left: Works by Pierre Huyge and Janet Cardiff

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