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Viewfinder: Tina Barney

Viewfinder: Tina Barney

For her latest body of work “Small Towns,” Tina Barney has chosen to turn her lens not on her family, as she’s done for more than three decades, but instead on small-town America. The exhibition, on view through November 21st at Janet Borden Gallery, explores elements of a quaint American way of life that is becoming increasingly scarce through her large-scale photos of community projects, pageants, parades, reenactments, and fairs.

blog-Garage-2005.jpgGarage, 2005

blog-Bridal-Shop-258-2007.jpgBridal Shop, 2007

blog-Marching-Band-68-2005.jpgMarching Band, 2005

Photos: courtesy of the photographer

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