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From the 55th Annual Venice Biennale

A few of our favorite Venice Biennale moments.

The Venice Biennale opened to the public over the weekend, but all last week the international art world rolled in for a preview. There were pleasures aplenty, both in the shows and pavilions themselves and in the discoveries made while getting lost en route to them. In the American pavilion, Sarah Sze spun a dizzying web out of found objects, while in the Latin American pavilion, the Bolivian artist Sonia Falcone laid out a banquet of pungent spices and colors. Curator Massimiliano Gioni’s “The Encyclopedic Palace” proved a triumph of thoughtful connoisseurship, serving as a kind of antidote to the mega-sized show of might now populating so many fairs of late. Rather than only a survey of leading contemporary artists with a few of their predecessors thrown in, Gioni’s exhibition was notable for its focus on so-called outsider artists, revealing to Biennale visitors many new names and ways of thinking about art. Of course, the rewards weren’t only on view. Perhaps the best meal in town was to be found at the Palazzo Flangini, home base for the artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, who cooked sumptuous, simple dinners that remind you that to make good art, sometimes you just need to stir the pot.

Here are a few of our favorite Biennale moments.

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