• Rudolf Stingel's great installation at the Palazzo Grassi, with my leg poking into the photo. Rudi carpeted the floors and walls of the entire building in a digitally printed oriental pattern. A thumbnail had been enlarged giving the effect of “bad” printing. He then hung his paintings on the carpeted walls. This was my favorite installation in this year's Biennale.
  • The prosciutto e melone at the brand new Aman Canal Grande Venice. A rose made of pork. Exquisite and debauched — just like Venice. It was also one of the best things I've ever eaten.
  • A Massimiliano Gioni keyring, which was handed out at the Trussardi party. Massimiliano claimed that he had nothing to do with it...
  • Red dress, red bra at the Pinault party, Isola San Maggiore. Thank you for not succumbing to a white fleece!
  • Curator Dimitrios Antonitsis, artist Urs Fischer, and designer Tara Subkoff compare power jewelry. Dimitrios wins.
  • Milla Jovovich's hand and Richard Phillips painting in the finale of Tara Subkoff's performance piece “FUTURE/ PERFECT.” Over a six-hour period, Jovovich was gradually drowned in consumer items in a glass house in the rose garden of the Palazzo Malipiero.
  • Yvonne Force Villareal and Doreen Remen
  • Jennifer McSweeney's A.CODOGNATO necklace hanging on cherub's feet. A three-inch ruby coffin opens to reveal the skeleton.
  • Collector Dakis Joannou's “front door.” As charged, of course.