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  • Neighborhood Spot - FORT GANSEVOORT
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    Adam Shopkorn, Carolyn Angel, and Jessica Joffe. Photo by

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    Adam Weinberg. Photo by

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    Lindsay Ellingson and Sean Clayton. Photo by

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    Inside Fort Gansevoort. Photo by

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    Mia Colona and Nicole Miller. Photo by

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    Photo by

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    Kristen Joy Watts and Lupo Geronazzo. Photo by

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Neighborhood Spot

Art advisor Adam Shopkorn opens a BBQ-slash-gallery.

Once the epicenter for New York’s industrious slaughterhouses, the Meatpacking district has become decidedly gentler since the advent of the Highline and the Standard Hotel. However, on Thursday night, the neighborhood once again smelled like pork thanks to the opening of curator Adam Shopkorn’s new project space Fort Gansevoort. The gallery-cum-BBQ spot presents an intriguing question: can art and food live under the same roof? Shopkorn, who spent months restoring the abandoned Greek Revivalist townhouse certainly thinks so.

The space feels tailor-made for Shopkorn, who transformed the top two levels into a white-washed gallery. A bar takes over the first floor, but the piece de la resistance is in the backyard—where Shopkorn’s industrial smoker resides. While fielding questions about his upcoming programming, Shopkorn is interrupted by Adam Weinberg, the Alice Pratt Director of the Whitney Museum—who dropped by the opening to say a neighborly hello. “I’d love you do cater something on our roof,” said Weinberg.

“We can definitely cook something up for you,” came the reply, natch.

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