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Instagram Imitates Art
Photo by @AlixBrowne.

Instagram Imitates Art

Isa Genzken’s latest show takes social media by storm.

German artist Isa Genzken’s new show at David Zwirner New York is all about art imitating life—and so visitors have taken to imitating the art. Here, see if you can tell the difference between the sculptures and those striking a pose.

Girl time. #IsaGenzken #DavidZwirner

A photo posted by SUSI KENNA (@susikenna) on

what #isagenzken @davidzwirner @nicklondonsando

A photo posted by Emily Havens (@eehavens) on

@zksfbaby and #isagenzken juz hangin out in #chelsea IRL

A photo posted by Gay/Gan (@gay_gan) on

wee dog just wants a wee bite of Isa Genzken.

A photo posted by Meryn Michael Chimes (@merynchimes) on

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