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Xtina’s favorite sandwich

Xtina’s favorite sandwich

blog-tuna-sandwich-h.jpgChristina Aguilera is on set for our July cover shoot, most likely naked, when hunger strikes. Surely the W staff would have obliged even the strangest of food orders to keep the songstress cooperating with Giovanna Battaglia’s strategically placed roses-and-chiffon ensemble. A full meal from Blue Hill at Stone Barns (still piping hot)? Sure. Jelly tagliatelle carbonara from the shuttered Il Bulli? We’ll call Ferran Adrià. But Xtina had a hankering for a thankfully, and almost puzzlingly simple request: a tuna fish sandwich.

blog-Ruths_Bakery_0039.jpgRuthy’s Bakery

The no-frills tuna-on-white from Ruthy’s Bakery not only hit the spot, but apparently was such a big hit with Christina that her agent emailed our intrepid sandwich-purchasing assistant bookings editor Ashley Consiglio the next day to get the name of the diner. Was it the sandwich that saved the shoot? That might be overstating it, but perhaps only slightly.

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