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blog-lori-shoot-01.jpgFor the September issue we were planning a rich, colorful story with vibrant furs and gorgeous accessories. Shortly into the first look, Gueneveire told us that she doesn’t wear fur. Totally respecting that I took a deep breath and quickly switched direction.

blog-lori-shoot-07.jpgblog-lori-shoot-03.jpgSometimes we think it’s all about the clothes but for me the magic is in the accessories. That is where the personal details shine with endless possibilities. In that way, this story became a gift and totally flew in spite of the unexpected change of direction.

blog-lori-shoot-05.jpgAs a maximalist I live for layering. I look at clothing as my palate. You can always add and remove pieces until the end result reads perfection.

blog-lori-shoot-06.jpgblog-lori-shoot-09.jpgI like to come prepared, changes will always happen and the dynamic on set will always be different so having as many options as possible has become a signature of mine.

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