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 Summer Reading List: Los Angeles

Summer Reading List: Los Angeles

blog_booksoup_01.jpgLong days, beach weekends – summer’s here, which means there’s plenty of time to catch up on some reading. W asked four of our favorite bookstores for their best sellers and top picks on what to peruse between now and Labor Day.

Book Soup may be the only spot on the Sunset Strip where agency bigs and struggling actors actually inhabit the same space, at the same time, for more than a few seconds. The reason: the bookstore’s eclectic mix of titles and speakers, who range from Ed Ruscha to RuPaul. “Our bookstore is not, like, whatever sells on The New York Times best-seller list,” says buyer Tosh Berman. “Our store is almost an alternative universe to a lot of other book stores.” Berman gave us a peek inside.

blog_booksoup_03.jpg“Just Kids” (Ecco) by Patti Smith is doing incredibly well here. For our clientele it’s a classic book. Another great book is “Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris” (W.W. Norton & Company), by Graham Robb, which describes key moments in Paris’s history, from Napoleon to Sarkozy. Another book is “Dennis Hopper and the New Hollywood” (Flammarion), which is basically about Hopper’s taste. It’s a really nice catalogue of his world. “A Splendid Conspiracy” (New Directions Publishing) by Albert Cossery is fascinating. It’s about three Egyptian characters who have a slightly erotic adventure in Cairo.


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