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 Gucci Westman's Summer Holiday

Gucci Westman's Summer Holiday

Summer may be almost over, but we’re taking a wistful look back at some particularly stylish vacations. Here, Gucci Westman shares memories from England and France.

blog-gucci-westman-vacation-01.jpg “First we went to England to attend two weddings. This is Gray having homemade blackberry ice cream at the Wellington Arms, one of our fave pubs in Hampshire!”

blog-gucci-westman-vacation-02.jpg “Dash is washing his dad’s car in England!”

blog-gucci-westman-vacation-03.jpg “This photograph is from Cordes Sur Ciel. We love it here, got married here, and go every summer. David’s mom has a house nearby, look at the view!”

blog-gucci-westman-vacation-04.jpg “My favorite place in the world to have lunch, at David’s mom’s house called Donnazac in the South of France. We’re sitting just above the lavender field under a big shady tree.”

blog-gucci-westman-vacation-05.jpg “Here we are at a neighboring farm owned by a man named Marcel Rocs. There’s a vineyard right next door!”

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