Fashion » The Waiting Game (Pre-show multi-tasking!)
 The Waiting Game (Pre-show multi-tasking!)

The Waiting Game (Pre-show multi-tasking!)

Waiting for a show to start can feel like a slow form of torture. So how do fashion editors, after reading through the morning’s WWD, make the time fly by? Turns out that our staff members are experts at multi-tasking. Treena Lombardo (below left) recharges her synapses doing a New York Times crossword puzzle. Shiona Turini (below right) amuses herself by listening to Lil Wayne on her iPod.

The arts-and-crafts-loving Kathryn Typaldos (below left) makes friendship bracelets or decorates her nails with decals. Meanwhile, WWD‘s Antonia Sardone (below right) tries to squeeze in a few extra moments on the phone with her daughter, making sure the day’s homework is complete.
And for those who made it to Anya Hindmarch on Wednesday, mini puzzle
booklets were handed out to keep the fashion pack amused.


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