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The Rachel Zoe Lexicon

blog_zoe.jpgWhen I interviewed Rachel Zoe for W over a year ago, what struck me even more than her oversized sunglasses, chunky jewelry and Tic Tac-sized frame was her tendency to speak in ridiculously overblown language. “I have two great loves of my life,” she explained towards the end of Episode 4 last night. “One is my husband Roger and one is the fashion world. And finding the balance between the two is probably the hardest challenge of all.” It’s as if Josh Schwartz (creator of Gossip Girls) or Diablo Cody (Juno) was feeding her lines. Needless to say, I’ve watched every episode of her new Bravo show. Some of my favorite zingers thus far:

“Shut up right now” 
Used to suggest disbelief. Zoe uses this with some regularity in Episode 2.

“Witch vibes, witch vibes”
 The otherworldly, almost supernatural sensation she feels when a dress is just right.

Hero dress”
The perfect gown, the one that will save the day.

Shutting it down”
Performing positively. As in, “Debra [Messing] is totally shutting it down,” on the Emmy carpet.

“I feel like somebody punched me in the face and then woke me up”
Describes exhaustion, i.e. how tired Zoe feels after getting her clients dressed for the SAG awards.

I’m a soldier of rising above it all,”
 Describes her ability to overcome what the media says about her.

How ever you might feel about her styling abilities, she is truly a soldier of the English language.

Photos courtesy of Bravo.

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