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 Where Sarah Palin Got Her Hockey Mom Hair

Where Sarah Palin Got Her Hockey Mom Hair

Now that we’ve all had a chance to dissect Sarah Palin’s grasp, such as it is, of energy issues, foreign policy and the definition of “maverick,” we might as well talk about her hair. During the debate last night, it was impossible not to be mesmerised by her ‘do, from the artful teasing on the top, to the reddish highlights, to those ultralong bangs (was that why she kept winking at us?) to that intriguing, loose-yet-immobile braid in the back.

blog_palin.jpgW magazine has learned that the Guv has been traveling with a hairstylist named Angela, who usually works out of a salon called the Hair Grove in Westlake Village, CA. As a source recently told us, Palin was directed to the Hair Grove by none other than Cindy McCain, who found her own current hairstylist, Piper, at the Hair Grove. Supposedly, McCain had been inquiring about hair extensions. (Please note, the absence of last names here isn’t our attempt to be folksy–we simply weren’t able to confirm them since the Hair Grove stopped answering our questions.)

At any rate, Angela is definitely on leave now from the Hair Grove. As the salon’s receptionist will tell you, “She’s not available until November 4th.” 

Photo: Robyn Beck/Getty Images

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