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 Boy Meets Girl at Prada

Boy Meets Girl at Prada

For seasons now, it’s been a bit of a parlor game connecting the dots between Miuccia Prada’s menswear collections (which show first) and the women’s (which follow weeks later). It’s no fluke that dual fragments pop up here and there, such as wide-neck jackets with halters, a dynamic duo of dickies and bibs, and psychedelic checks and watercolor designs. 

Thumbnail image for blog_prada_ss09.jpgJackets with halters from spring/summer 2009.

Thumbnail image for blog_prada_fw08.jpgDickies and bibs from fall/winter 2008.

Thumbnail image for blog_prada_ss08.jpgChecks and prints from spring/summer 2008.

Her men’s show this week featured a number of stark looks bedazzled in
hard-as-nails studs. One stunner even featured a dotted jacket, pant, shirt and shoes. If Mrs. Prada’s hinting at something studded for the ladies for spring –and given her track record, she probably is–count this tough girl in.


A head-to-toe studded look from this week’s fall/winter 2009.

Photos: SS09, FW08, SS08 menswear:;  SS08 womens:

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