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 Arden Wohl's Sexed-up Short

Arden Wohl's Sexed-up Short

blog_wohl_fortune.jpgEarlier this month, socialite filmmaker and headband enthusiast Arden Wohl unleashed her second film, Two Other Dreams, a sexually-charged short starring Wohl’s old friend Leelee Sobieski, at the Art Production Fund Lab in the West Village.
On opening eve, the Lab teemed with skinny girls stomping about in fur jackets and svelte boys in tight pants and black-rimmed glasses, chatting as they watched the 25-minute film (co-written with Darsi Monaco) projected on a loop. In a dimly lit room adjacent to the screening room, a tarot card reader with a glitter-encrusted face (above, at left) offered fortune-telling and blessings.

blog_wohl_crowd.jpgThe flick stars actress Azura Skye as a dangerously thin and eccentric young woman named Galen whose roommate — the tall, introverted Maisie (Sobieski) — dreams of a more intimate relationship with her. Sexual tension ensues, including a cringe-inducing scene in which Maisie lovingly fondles a pair of Galen’s dirty undies.
“This movie was based on my reality,” said Wohl, somewhat mysteriously, during a cigarette break outside. “A dark fairytale centered on the idea of evolution and revolution.” Clad in a purple blouse, tight black pants and a nude, glittery headband, Wohl didn’t offer any details on the plot’s connection to her own “reality,” but was voluble on the topics of religion, healing and tarot reading. According to Wohl, when the fortune teller had read her cards, she predicted “good luck ahead.”
blog_wohl_leelee.jpgThe film will be screened at the Art Foundation Lab through February 28. According to the APF Lab website, “there will be poetry readings, musical guests, tarot readings, yoga, specialty drinks and other special events throughout the month.”

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